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Welcome to AVARICE!


Wade through an ever-increasing horde of demons, using three unique weapon types and anything else you can get your hands on. Rid the world of these hell spawn and become the ruler of these lands by vanquishing the Demon King, how selfless of you...

Face down unfathomable evil in a unique roguelike experience with everything you can see at your disposal.If it exists in the world, you can throw it Plates? Toss-able and deadly. Tables? Great for blocking a few extra hits and maybe a viable weapon! Barrels? Crates? Iron Maidens? All these items and more are strewn about this demonic dungeon. You will never be without a weapon so what's victory without a bit of greed, right?

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Environmental Weapons

Avarice Enemy Spotlight: The Unorthodox Enemy, the Bandit Ranger

Avarice Enemy Spotlight: The Seemingly Passive, Algor Mortis